03 February 2008

Hardrock 2008 Lottery - looking good!

Well, the refresh button can stop clicking now, and the results of this year's Hardrock lottery have been posted. The first thing I saw on the page was that my buddy Howard Cohen got in, and I was really happy for him. He wanted in so badly! Moving on a bit, I scanned the "G" lastnames in the list, but I wasn't there. Oh well, too bad.
On to F for
H for
A for
Karen and
Knipling and Knipling - yes! At least someone got in. The father-son team of Gary and Keith will make another run at the course, and if Keith goes the way he was running last year, he should have an excellent race there.
Nevertheless, wow, there are a lot of disappointed people out there.

Ok, onto the wait list to see where we all sit.
3 Bruce Grant

Well, hot diggety! #3 is pretty definite, so it looks like I get lucky for another year and will be heading back to run the clockwise loop. The bad part is that a lot of the friends I was looking for are far back in the wait list and really unlikely to get in.

So that defines the summer plans now, the wait is over and we can set up a schedule with certainty. Plus, today was the first day in over four weeks that I feel good after suffering the effects of a virus that just hammered me, so overall things are looking up.

But first, I have to get training to get my butt through Coyote 2 Moons in a month and a half!


Hart said...

congrats on a certain entry into hardrock bruce!

glad you are feeling better and go rock that two moon 100!

..oh yeah and stay hydrated!

Hilzarie said...

Great work.


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