07 May 2008

u hydration and new nuun flavours/size!

when Matt Hart came up to stay with me for Diez Vista, he brought some sampler packs of the new nuun product called 'u' in goji berry, lemon chai, and tangerine ginger flavours.

u is a natural hydration drink for active folks like us, with nutrients and light electrolytes to rehydrate and recharge with during a regular day. Instead of drinking sugar-loaded fruity juices or soda, pop a u into your refillable water bottle for a refreshing, thirst-quenching and rehydrating drink at the office, on the go, with meals, wherever. The nuun-type tablets and tube are easy to have in a desk drawer, in your bag, or at home. My personal favourite is the lemon-chai, but maybe that's today and tomorrow it will be goji berry again.

On the nuun front, they will have bigger, double-size tablets available soon. They are geared towards use in higher-volume hydration bladders, and I can see carrying these on multi-day backpacking excursions and epic training runs with a pack.

And yummy - orange ginger flavoured nuun! I love the regular citrus, but the ginger in this one is really nice. It will be quite welcome on longer runs where stomach issues can be a factor.


Hart said...

i think orange ginger might have crack in it.. as i can't stop drinking it!

glad you are digging all the new nuun and u flavors bruce.

i'll be racing with u once i am able to actually race again!

Art said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Bruce. And congrats on the great run at Zane Grey. Definitely missed being out there with y'all this year.

I hope nuun is smart enough to buy up ALL the ad space on your jersey, and get you a company car (with petrol!) and a training house up in the mountains, and a masseuse and a personal training chef, and, well... let's just say they've sponsored the right athlete!!


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