21 August 2009

Hardrock 100 mile race

This year I carried a video camera with me around the course, and put together this little vignette (OK, it's 37 minutes long) of the race experience. This was my first attempt at making a movie, and I'll humbly say I think it turned out pretty well. I hope it gives a runner's perspective on the race, as well as highlighting the incredible scenery that surrounds this rugged course.

As a bit of an overall review of the race, this was my third finish at Hardrock, and unfortunately ended up being my slowest. I ran very well for the first 65 miles, and then my legs blew from a lack of sufficient training and I hobbled in over the remainder of the course. This was a disappointing and painful way to finish, although my overall time and placing was still quite respectable. I was very encouraged to see that I was running in the top ten up until I cracked, which gives me hope for taking that through to the finish in another attempt sometime. It is in me, I can feel it...

This course humbles you, and is always hard.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Hardrock 2009 - A Runner's Journey from lonerunman on Vimeo.

1 comment:

Moogy said...

Great video Bruce and congrats on a great race. I briefly met you before the start. I got taken out at Sherman from cerebral edema but hope to be back there soon. Hope to seya out there on the trails somewhere. Moogy (Collingwood Ont)


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