24 June 2010

Media coverage of San Diego 100

The race report is coming, but I was pleased to see that I made it into the online version of Ultrarunning Magazine's recent race review - cool! We'll see about the print version:

Maybe next time I will be in the headline instead of the picture  ;-)    yeah right!

Briefly, the race went really well. I rocked it for 80 miles before really fading out later on - I just hadn't done enough distance training. Time was 23:02 for 12th place overall, so I hit the sub-24 goal I had going in....and flirted with top-10 until I slowed down. Overall I ran better than I expected, which is always enjoyable and pleasing.

SD100 is a beautiful course, and I just loved running it. More to come .....


Jude said...

good work! Id love to hear your recap :) Mile 58 looked strong
'Tor des Geants' has been on the brain, and might be a possibility.

Good luck at 'Scorched Sole'....


Sue said...

Nice picture Bruce! It's good to see some great Canadian Ultra runners getting featured in the magazine. Congrats on your great race results at SD100. How's that Hardrock training goin?


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