24 September 2010

Tor des Geants pre-race thoughts

The day before the race, I wrote up some thoughts I was mulling over and posted them over at the LaSportiva Mountain Running blog. They kind of describe how I found myself in Courmayeur, Italy, about to embark on the Tor des Geants and the biggest challenge I have ever undertaken.

I found what was at the end of my pathway - did you?

(Yeah, I know it is funny to point to pre-race thoughts when it is all over thoughts coming up shortly.....)

TdG start area: Euro-Bruce, Jen Segger, Daniel Probst, Julia Boettger, Beat Jegerlehner


Sue said...

Can't wait to hear about your great adventure Bruce. Is 6633 the next big adventure?

lonerunman said...


well, let's just get over this little 208-mile thing before thinking about 350-miles! On the up side, aside from the pounding my knees took down the mountains at TdG, the reality I discovered is that my pace could have carried on for much, much longer. So - let's just say "maybe" for now :-)

btw, Sue - Congrats on your success at Lost Soul!! That rock is pretty sweet, isn't it? :-)

chris mcpeake said...

looking forward to your post thoughts for sure. cool blog

lonerunman said...

Thanks for stopping by, Chris! I'm still processing the post-race's hard to figure out where to start writing about a 111-hour journey, but it's coming. Stay tuned....

Gerhard Boerner said...

Hi Bruce,

we met at the Bouton d`Or Hotel in Courmayeur after the TDG race.

Beautifull pictures and an interessting blog.

If you like:

Have a good time an greetings from Germany



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