22 December 2011

LaSportiva Mountain Running Team 2012

I am very pleased to say that I have been welcomed back for my third year as a member of the LaSportiva Mountain Running Team for the 2012 season! I am very grateful for the opportunity to keep working with such a great group of inspiring, fast, and adventurous people, and to represent a company with such excellent products and strong values about people, production, and the environment we love to get out in. 

Thanks for having me back, and I am looking forward to bringing that screaming loud Italian yellow out to the trails again in the coming year!

Check out the Mountain Running Team site at 


Bryon Powell said...

Well done, Mr. Grant!

Bruce Grant said...

Thanks, Bryon! There are a few others out there I am quite indebted to as well :-)

Jude said...

woot woot.. thats bEAUtiful Bruce... i hope our races overlap :) we'll see you out there on the trails, running with heart.

Derrick said...

I heard the team jerseys are being changed to a 'less than screaming' brown this year ;) ...Ok, just joking!

Hope you and Martha have a great holiday!

Sue said...

Merry Christmas Bruce and all the best in the New Year. Maybe 2012 is the year I meet you at an ultra. Congrats on making the team for the 3rd year.

Sara said...

Yay, good stuff! Hope you two have a great holiday!
Good to see you posting more, and congrats on Deception Pass!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bruce,
I see you entered the TDG again ... ;o)
could you do a post on your preparation tactics? I entered as well, but for the first time ... so any help from a veteran would be greatly appreciated!

(geowizard at gmail)


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