30 December 2012


So today is my birthday shmirthday (woop-de-doo), and we celebrated it in very exciting fashion by unpacking boxes in our shop - something we haven't got around to since we moved in April. The main motivation was to organise my homebrewing equipment so I can start that up again. It is a new race season coming up, so that calls for some new refreshments! (there's a running reference for you)

But in one of the boxes, I came across the cards my mom and dad received when I was first born back in 1965. I can't really recall ever looking at them, but here is a notable one from the stack -  a nice cartoon celebrating my Scottish ancestry on my dad's side. It was quite serendipitous coming across these on my actual birthday!

One of the nice things that Nadia Arndt, the RD of the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon (KAEM), does every year is send a photo of the participants on the his/her birthday. So here is the one she sent me this year - thanks, Nadia!! My head doesn't look anywhere near as pointy in this picture! Wow, looking at that kid above, who would think I would ever be doing something like this?

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