12 February 2008

HR mug!

How cool is this?
I came home from my commuting run from work and found a little box sitting on the doorstep from the mailman. What could this be?

hmm - return address: Hardrock 100. That sounds promising!
hmm x 2 - customs declaration form indicates "gift"

So not only is Hardrock one of the most well-organised races I have had the privilege of participating in, but months after it is all over, they send finishers a cool mug with everybody's name and time on it, along with a nice note of congratulations.

To RD Dale Garland and the HR committee, thanks so much - this will always evoke memories of a fabulous experience last summer, and it comes at a perfect time to inspire my training :-)


Hart said...

so sweet.. i'm jealous.

olga said...

I am jealous too...for a while now! Congrats on (practically) getting in! I will see you there, I am arriving on July 4th. Staying at Avon?

Darin said...

Hey Bruce. Darin Bentley here. Nice reading what you've been up to and what your goals are. I keep seeing your name either on results lists or entrants lists and think I should try to contact you somehow. I stumbled on this so there you go. Funny because I was thinking Hardrock one day and, not getting into Western States, signed up for Big Horn 100 mile this June. Saw you on the waitlist and was thrilled for you. Even ahead of Jurek!!
Would be cool to hit you up for a training run seeing as we both live close to one another. Drop me a note at or check out my schedule, crazy as it is, at
See you at the Dirty Duo!!


Sue said...

I just love how you Canadians spell "organised."


(Hi Bruce!)


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