22 February 2008

So you think your job sucks?

My lovely wife is a kindergarten teacher. You would think that dealing with a bunch of 6-year olds might be easy compared to, say, the demands of irate radiologists, whiny staff, 1 AM server crashes, staff cutbacks, increased project workload and ever-dwindling operational budgets. But I - er, you would be wrong.

Today's tales from the classroom include:

In show-and-tell, Sarah brought in a stuffed monkey. Prompted to tell the class about her monkey, Sarah then says:
"Steve gave me this monkey. He wasn't supposed to, but he did anyways. My mom said to keep it a secret and not tell my dad about the monkey. Dad doesn't know about Steve, and Mom said I should never talk about him."

Jennifer came out of the bathroom and in a loud voice, said:
"I have to get
another pair of panties out of my backpack. This pair are all filled with poo."

There are may reasons why I think my wife is incredible. She runs, like me, to relieve her mind of the stresses of the workday.

Meanwhile, my servers at one site are end-of-support life in a month, and despite raising the issue for a year, no one has any money to replace them.... time for a six-hour run!!

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