03 September 2010

Great advice from a master

I'm in the final throes of packing up and getting set for the Tor des Geants, and remembered some great words of wisdom I read a little while ago. Gordy Ainsleigh, the guy who first ran the Western States 100 miler, commented on Anton Krupicka's recent post about his Leadville 100 race experience

Gordy's comment:

Two suggestions, Tony: (1) When you get to staggering and you can’t keep your eyes open, always sleep til you wake up on your own, and always have your pacers carry a couple space blankets for that eventuality. (2)When you get to a rough spot in you race physiology, don’t push through it. Slow down enough that it’s no longer a rough spot. You can only run as fast as you can run. If you run faster than that, you’ll only end up running much slower later.

Sounds like excellent advice for a guy about to undertake 330km of mountain running over something like three-to-six days. I'm going to remember it.


Derrick said...

Excellent advice indeed.

Good luck! Sounds like quite the adventure.

lonerunman said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Derrick! We're never so experienced we can't learn something new, right?


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