01 September 2010

West Coast trailrunning eye candy

Summer is my absolute favourite time of year for hitting the local dirt - too often literally, but I digress - mainly due to the fact that it is dry and sunny, brilliantly green, warm, and the snow level has receded enough to be able to get into the awesome high country ("high" here being above 4000'). And so, after seeing other amazing pics of lovely places like Banff, Colorado, and California, here for your viewing pleasure are some of the places Martha and I have played over the past few weeks. We have had some fantastic weather here in BC, and we took the opportunity to hit the local hills as I crammed in my final preparation for the Tor des Geants in September. Thanks to the 40-Something Dirt Divas for company on a lot of the runs!

Hanes Valley
forest nypmhs frolic in the dappled sunlight
looks like good HURT training ground
going up...
...seriously up

looking north to Crown Mtn and beyond
ripping it down the mountain bike ramps of our famous North Shore

Deep Cove (sea level) to Mount Seymour (4754 feet)

Pump Peak #1 - thinking of Bob Withers here
view north from Mt Seymour - Mount Garbaldi on the left
From mountain peak to cooling down and cleaning off the Raptors in the ocean. Only in Vancouver!

Manning Park - Heather Trail
this is an incredible place to run!!
you  just want to keep on going, don't you? More! More!
I love that my wife likes to run too  :-)
or maybe she likes the flowers as well - lupines galore!
it's hard to keep your eyes on the trail sometimes when the scenery is so fantastic
going for that new Facebook profile photo  ;-)

Manning Park - Mount Frosty
I use the term "trail" loosely here
Stands of larch trees - fantastic!
The long trail down to Lightning Lake

...and at the end of it all....

Post-run recovery time. Of course, I have already downed my bottle of Ultragen before contemplating the Wheat Ale!


Sara said...

Oh those are such gorgeous trails and views! And just when I thought it couldn't get better I got to the 'feet up with the wheat ale' shot! :)

garobbins said...


Sue said...

Amazing scenery. Thanks for the photo tour Bruce. Good luck in Italy...more amazing scenery!

Martha said...

And this only depicts 2 weekends of running this August! :o)

chris mcpeake said...

great pics.

lonerunman said...

Thanks for checking out the pictures! It's just so beautiful around here right now...have to enjoy it before the rains start for another 8 month soaking :-)

Derrick said...

Amazing photos. REally have to get out that way sometime.


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